Indulge in an Award-Winning Culinary Journey at Oii

Abu Dhabi’s culinary scene has a new star on the rise! We are thrilled to announce that Oii has been honored with the prestigious Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand Abu Dhabi 2024 award. This recognition celebrates our commitment to delivering exceptional flavors and unforgettable dining experiences to our beloved patrons.

Nestled in the heart of Abu Dhabi, Oii Abu Dhabi has quickly become a favorite European and Mediterranean dining destination. Our dedication to crafting authentic and delectable Mediterranean cuisine has earned us the title of the city’s favorite Mediterranean restaurant.

Savor the Taste of Excellence

Step into our world of culinary artistry, where every dish tells a story of passion and expertise. Our menu is a celebration of flavors from across Europe, featuring tantalizing Italian specialties like pasta and risotto, prepared with an authentic touch that transports you to the heart of Italy.

Indulge in the rich and aromatic Greek cuisine with our iconic Feta Saganaki, Gyro, and Souvlaki, perfectly capturing the essence of Mediterranean dining. For those craving the bold and vibrant flavors of Spanish cuisine, our Gambas Pil Pil will take your taste buds on a flavorful journey.

Unforgettable Mediterranean Delights

At OII Abu Dhabi, we invite you to explore the diverse palette of Mediterranean flavors. Our Grilled Octopus pays homage to the exquisite Portuguese cuisine, offering a perfect blend of tenderness and smokiness that will leave you craving more.

Experience the unique Greek tradition of plate smashing, adding an element of excitement and culture to your dining experience. It’s an exhilarating celebration of joy and festivity that echoes the vibrant spirit of our cuisine.

A Feast for the Senses

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond taste to the ambiance and service. Immerse yourself in a charming and inviting atmosphere, where every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance your dining pleasure. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a celebratory gathering with friends and family, Oii sets the stage for memorable moments.

Join us at Oii, the best restaurant in Abu Dhabi, where every visit promises an extraordinary culinary journey. Come, dine, and create unforgettable memories with us.

Discover why Oii is the epitome of Mediterranean culinary excellence in Abu Dhabi.


Abu Dhabi welcomes a new Mediterranean restaurant

Oii is a new Mediterranean dining spot that has opened its doors in Abu Dhabi, in the world-class Al Qana development.

Restaurant Secrets Inc., a UAE-based F&B firm, has announced the opening of its latest turnkey project in Abu Dhabi, a Mediterranean restaurant called Oii. Sited in the new Al Qana waterfront destination, Oii which translates to mean ‘hello’ in Portuguese, welcomes diners to enjoy a selection of Southern Europe’s most preferred dishes and beverages.

The concepts menu was created by Director of Operations at RSI, Brian Voelzing and offers dishes that span Portugal, Spain, Greece and Italy. Reach for Portuguese Rabanadas (French toast) and Pastéis de nata (egg custard tart pastries), Italy’s paccheri pasta and Beef cheek Milanese, Greek Honey thyme saganaki and Spanish tapas, that are all aesthetically presented in a minimalistic manner.

Complement your delightful dining experience with tastefully-blended mocktails and other non-alcoholic sips, crafted at an elegant showstopping Santorini Mocktail Bar that adds an element of luxury to the restaurant.

Call +9712 628 2983 or email e-mail info@oiiabudhabi.com. Visit Instagram.