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Oii is a Southern Europe-inspired restaurant & café. Our identity is deeply rooted in the warmth & vibe of the countries that form part of Europe’s southern region. Our food, ambiance & service style reminds you of people & places in Spain, Portugal, Greece & Italy.

Channeling its multicultural Mediterranean vibe derived from the shores of Southern Europe, Oii brings you a distinctive palate-enticing multicultural approach to food and beverages, all aimed to evoke happiness around the table because that’s what we are all about – Serving joy!

Inspired by our passion for good food and our drive to share it with the world, Oii offers you an opportunity to indulge in wholesome Mediterranean flavors, matched with our Gold Bar that adds to the luxury of elegance in an exuberant atmosphere, in the midst of Al Qana, Abu Dhabi’s heartbeat.

With its identity deeply rooted in the warmth & vibe of the countries that form a part of Europe’s Southern region, Oii has the ambiance of a Mediterranean seaside spot you may choose in Italy or Spain, or the charm of a village cafe you expect to see in Greece or Portugal, that channel our warm personality, and soulfulness in everything we do.

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